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Nimble Minds is a personalized tutoring service for students and professionals looking to expand their knowledge in the convenience of their own homes or on the go. Whether we meet in your kitchen, your local library, or location of your choice, we bring quality education to you.

If you are considering tutoring, chances are you may feel your child has missed a key concept in a previous grade and is frustrated as a result. Alternatively, you may feel your child is skating by and needs to be challenged. Our teachers respect this diversity of need and provide a customized experience that builds upon the student’s strengths and improves areas of need.

We deliver confidence:

What we offer is more than homework help. We are committed to developing critical thinking skills while building confidence and working toward mastery of a given subject.  At the core of our philosophy is the idea that confidence is critical to all future learning and success.  At Nimble Minds, we know that confidence gained in one area will spill over into many other facets of a student’s life.

We deliver future ready learners:

One of our primary goals is to educate students by leveraging current and forward thinking technology along with hands-on experiences to ensure our students are actively engaged and prepared for the job market of tomorrow. The reality is, our lives are immersed in today’s digital culture. The 2017 National Education Technology Plan emphasizes the importance of preparing future ready learners through the use of “carefully designed and thoughtfully applied technology”.  At Nimble Minds, we recognize this call to action and the necessity of developing skills that complement a student’s academic and professional goals.

Our Founder

Your dedicated partner in learning

Our owner and founder, Laura Platt, has over twenty years of experience in the field of education as both a teacher and tutor. As a busy mom herself, Laura fully understands the demands placed on today’s families and how valuable convenience can be. She hopes to help other parents take at least one thing off the endless “to do” list by providing exceptional educational support to students wherever it’s most convenient for them.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Laura has attended school, worked as a teacher, and raised children here. She understands the educational and social environment families are operating in today-as well as the tremendous pressure felt by both students and parents.

After earning a BS in Marketing from Penn State University, Ms. Platt worked for several large corporations including Walt Disney World and Wal-Mart. Her time with Disney reinforced her love of all things creative as well as her desire to work with children. Shortly after, she went back to school to The College of New Jersey to earn her Master’s Degree in Education. In 1995 she secured a job at one of the top private schools in the state and taught second grade for many years.

Ms. Platt began tutoring older students while teaching second grade. Having always been skilled in math, she enjoyed helping middle school and high school aged children improve their confidence and reach their academic goals. After starting her own family, she began tutoring students to prepare for the SAT and developed her own successful method for increasing students’ scores which helped her to build a solid business by word of mouth. She has continued to tutor students of all ages while raising a family and looks forward to helping families and students meet their academic goals.

Our Tutors

Exceptional educators at your service

Caring and professional tutors are the cornerstone of our business. Rather than evaluating students with an onslaught of tests, our teachers evaluate students individually and adapt their approach accordingly.  We want each student’s experience to feel custom tailored.  You may also have peace of mind knowing we hire only highly qualified instructors who have completed a background check with the state of New Jersey.